Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth game
User Manual

1. General assumptions of the game

The game is an interactive historical quiz about the history of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from its beginnings until the end of its existence. Its aim is to familiarize players with the historical content and to encourage them to improve the knowledge about the culture, traditions and history of the countries that were the part of the former Republic.

The game is available online for free at: http://rp1569.com and everyone can play it. The project was completed in Flash technology to provide the highest possible accessibility.

The aim of the player is to answer as many questions in the game. After passing each level, the player will receive one of the attributes of a nobleman. The main task is to collect all the attributes and the diploma giving the title of nobility.

2. Using the game

After entering the site, the first thing we see is game's loading screen, which shows how much game resources has yet to be loaded. Wait for a while, usually no more than a few seconds. After that, the game greets us with the language selection screen. For today game offers 3 languages: Polish, Belarusian and English. To choose a language, click on the appropriate tablet with the name of the language. Once we do that we will be transferred to the main menu of the game, where you have the following options:

a) Start game
b) Best results
c) Authors
d) Help
e) Extras

Selecting 'Start game' option will take us to the next screen where you will be asked to enter your name. The entered name will be used to sign up to the list of the best results after completing the game. Once you entered the name, you must confirm it by pressing Enter key. On the left side of the current screen, we see the coat of arms, which shows information about the next level, and our character on the right. Pressing any key causes the start of level. In the center of the screen, we see a scroll, on which there is a question and available answers. Clicking your mouse on a particular answer makes the choice. In the upper left corner of the screen we have the ticking clock. The sooner we answer the questions, the more we get thalers. Thalers are a unit in the game that determines our score. Indicator of the number of collected thalers is located on the right side of the screen, along with the current question indicator. In the lower left corner you can see how many of your answers were correct.

The 'Best results' option will show the current list of players who gathered the highest ammount of thalers. We are registered on the list automatically after the game, as long as we have collected sufficient number of them.

Clicking on the 'Authors' option will show the list of developers who have contributed to the creation of the product that we present with pleasure.

The 'Help' shows all the necessary information, in which we may find tips on where to look for historical knowledge needed to solve the questions in the quiz and other informations.

The 'Extras' takes us to a page where you can find additional materials included in the game by its authors. Among them there are wallpapers to put on your desktop, the music used in the game, and, finally, a note prepared by Belarusian historians.

3. Other Information

If you have any problems while using the game, or if you would like to share your opinion about the game, please send your e-mails to: info@imaginalis.com.